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We are an ISO-9001 certified Ductile Iron & Steel Foundry, manufacturing municipal and engineering castings for various applicaton. Commissioned in 1995, we produces 10,000 tones of castings per year. We have the flexibility to manufacture castings of weight 0.5 kg to 1 ton.

Municipal Application

Manhole Covers, Gullies and Channel Gratings used by Sewer, Road, Airport & Cargo Terminal, Ports and Water pipe line products.

The entire range of the products are manufactured under the following standards.

BS EN 124 : 2015 - Gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrain areas.

ISO 1083 : 1987 - Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron - Classification.

BS 5834 : Part 2 : 1982 - Surface Box frame and covers.

BS : 750 : 1984 - Surface Box frames and covers

Quality Standards

Continuous assessment of quality system

This has been achieved through an ISO-9001 2000 system. The quality system covers casting made in Ductile Iron & Cast Iron.


  • Class B125 Use: Car parks and pedestrian areas where occasional vehicular access is likely.
  • Class D400 Use: Carriage ways, hardshoulders and pedestrian areas where cars and lorries have access.
  • Class E600 Use: Loading areas, docks, aircraft pavements
  • Class F900 Use: For use in areas where very heavy wheel loads are imposed such as aircraft pavements or docksides.
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